Corona Virus Facts & Fiction - Social Distancing 101

Social Distancing - Why It's So Important



Unsurprisingly with the advent of this latest corona virus pandemic, which pretty much caused a global lockdown, there has been a tidal wave of information that's slammed on to not only our senses but also the emotions of each and every one of us.

And following  the inevitable whirlpool of virus related "do" and "don't do's " there is the inevitable emergence of surreal nonsense ( some of it of official ) that in it self , is a dangerous & intangible virtual virus.

Despairingly, the half-baked truths (many of which are borne from the official drive against 'misinformation')  and the totally ridiculous, are bolstered by the sensationalist social media chain of repetitive shares and likes, end up gaining an incredible almost cult-like populist validity.

In the light of that , we here at Onstore have decided to post this blog that highlights the key known facts around what has now become the important factor in halting the relentless spread of this virulent biological destroyer of many social norms that are inherently salubrious to day-by-day human existence.



Sadly , many people are adopting what we here at Onstore describe as "immunity arrogance" not least because of the media hype around the effectiveness of yet unknown real world reality of COVID vaccines. Officially, the pre-history of these mRNA based vaccines has been less than remarkable to say the least. But of course any effort to try and curtail this nasty bug are welcome by all .

Part of the problem at the outset of the pandemic was attributable to the early media reports that gave the impression that mainly older or physically impaired people with existing health issues , were most likely to become the victims of COVID-19. This has unfortunately led to the foolish and unfounded belief by younger & physically fit people  that they themselves are superhuman and immune to the virus that seemed only to happen to other people. But sadly many were ignorant of the facty that "other" people could easily be THEIR father, THEIR mother, brother, sister , son, daughter, grandpa' , granma' and so on!



So it should be blatantly obvious and VITALLY important that EVERYONE right now ,without exception, rigidly practices social distancing.



The Corona virus has an incubation period, estimated to be about 2 to 14 days. What that means is that someone could be infected with the virus but remain completely unaware because they're not displaying any symptoms. But the true cruelty is that whilst there may be no symptoms for up to 2 weeks, or possibly even more, all the same they've become infectious. Any close contact with another person during this incubation period has every possibility of the other person to becoming infected too.

Take a look at this diagram:


You can see then how a single person can be responsible for the infection of thousands of people in a very short period of time. It's for that reason that social distancing is so important; the less contact we have with others, the less virus will spread and so less likely to thrive.

In an effort to dispel immunity arrogance, many countries have now imposed draconian measures of social "lockdown" allowing only the most essential reasons such as food shopping , outdoor exercise or medical needs,  to travel away from your home. Groups of people larger than two will be dispersed by the police and possibly even face fines. All non-essential shops and stores have had no choice but to close for the hopefully short term in which the virus is brought under control.

The dire warning from the powers that be is that failure to adhere to these directives will only result in greater restrictions to our civilian liberties & freedoms.

Eventually however, by thwarting any new person to person infections and with timely development of a vaccine antIdote , this insidious microscopic menace can be overcome & wiped out.

The corona virus will be around for some considerable time and we can only urge our visitors to take the greatest of care and follow all official directives , as tough as those might be on your day to day life. Just remember social distancing is to save many lives, and not least , for your own good.


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  • Conrado Dublin

    I, personally, do not see the light at the end of the tunnel now or in the foreseeable future what with the many immunity arrogant people continuously defying authorities..

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